Teacher Education Programs

A proud parent thanks the Marist College Community for the educational experience and challenge ... provided for his daughter, Amanda Fretto.

"Amanda was always a good student with high academic achievement...graduated with honors. She decided to attend Marist because she felt that she needed to venture on her own, away from home so that she could experience life's challenges... Although she was one of the top students in her class she was not the most confident and usually very quiet. Softball had always helped her to feel part of a team but her skills were average, at best, so she was not recruited out of HS.

"She... walked on to the (Marist) team. She was on the team for all four years, was selected to the MAAC Conference All Academic Team for her Sophomore, Junior & Senior years and, by senior year, she elevated her status to the starting lineup. As a graduating senior, Coach O'Donnell selected her for the "Coaches Award" for her hard work and "Team First Attitude."

"During her years at Marist, she made the Dean's list every semester and received the high honor of Alpha Chi Society upon graduation. She not only graduated from the Education Program but was part of the accelerated program receiving her Masters in Educational Psychology.... During her senior year at Marist, she was recruited to teach in Hawaii...When we visited her classroom, a special education inclusion class we asked her students what they thought of Miss Fretto. One little 5th grade boy raised his hand and said, She is "Ohanu" (which means family.) We knew that she had found her calling...

"Amanda had just been named "Teacher of the Year" for the Island of Kauai ....

"Our Amanda, while she is Oahu, will propel herself 1000 feet off a hotel in Waikiki to raise over $1000.00 for the Special Olympics."

Dennis A Fretto
Proud Father of a Marist Alumni

(Note: Those pursuing a certificate to become a teacher are called candidates.)

The teacher education programs are designed to develop candidates who are reflective professionals. The programs of study integrate a strong liberal arts foundation with research-validated pedagogical knowledge. As members of a community of learners, candidates are expected to master the personal and professional knowledge, skills and dispositions needed to teach and assess K -12 students within the full range of individual abilities, to evaluate and improve teaching, to develop creative standards-based curricula, and to contribute as effective teachers and leaders in their schools and communities. The role of research and technology and the importance of critical thinking, creative problem solving, and multicultural and global perspectives are emphasized.

General Description and Requirements

Marist College offers New York State approved and registered undergraduate programs leading to initial certification in the following fields and continues to update programs to maintain compliance with New York State teacher education requirements:

Childhood Education 1-6 and Childhood Education/Special Education 1-6 (dual certification only). The program of study leading to dual certification, Childhood Education (1-6) and Childhood Education/Special Education (1-6), prepares graduates to teach in the general childhood education classrooms and in a variety of settings serving K-12 students with special educational needs. All dual certification candidates are psychology majors. The psychology major provides a comprehensive understanding of human behavior and specifically emphasizes the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development of children for successful learning in grades 1 through 6. 

Certain candidates who fulfill the requirements may also choose to seek acceptance into the 5-year BA/MA in Educational Psychology Program, resulting in dual certification at the BA level and the Master of Arts in Educational Psychology.  Contact the Program Director for Graduate Studies, Dr. Zsuzsanna Szabo (Zsuzsanna.Szabo@marist.edu).

The programs of study in Adolescence Education (7-12) integrate teacher preparation with an academic major in the secondary-school subject area. Contact the Associate Dean of Teacher Education or the Coordinator of Adolescence Education for information.

To meet the remaining requirements for initial certification in New York State, all teaching candidates must pass qualifying New York State examinations and also meet a foreign-language requirement.

Candidate Calendar of Important Dates and Events Spring 2017 PDF

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(Middle States Student Learning Outcomes.)

Educator Preparation Candidate Performance Data: Childhood PDF

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Marist College is accredited under the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) Standards through the CAEP Accreditation System.  Marist College will seek accreditation under the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) Standards in spring 2020. Formed in 2013, CAEP is the single specialized accreditor for educator preparation, and administers NCATE accreditation.