Brandon Tehrani

Brandon Tehrani ‘17 is a senior at Marist who completed a unique study abroad experience backpacking throughout Asia while getting to meet with Fortune 500 companies in each location.

What is your major and minor?
I am a senior with a Business Administration: International major, and three minors in Accounting, Economics, and Global Studies.

Where are you from originally?
I’m from Los Angeles, California, but I’m the first generation born in America; my parents emigrated out of Iran.

Why Marist?
I decided to come to Marist because of the strength of its international programs and how the School of Management impressed me. I was also looking for a school that was the opposite of what I was used to in Los Angeles and Marist had a strong community feel and seemed like somewhere I could focus on college instead of being distracted.

How did you find out about your unique study abroad opportunity?
I was recommended to go by Professor Ismay Czarniecki. I was looking to do two study abroad programs but I could only fit one in my schedule so I decided to do the Asia study abroad program in part because of its range of countries, but also its strong academic opportunities and advantages.

Do you have any advice for students who are considering studying abroad?
At the end of the day, people study abroad for different reasons. If you pick your top three criteria for a study abroad experience, for example, specific countries, academic opportunity, price, cultural significance, etc., then the choice will come much more easily.

Written by Sophia Brana '17

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