New Cybersecurity Minor Available

Essential Skills for a Variety of Disciplines

The Marist College School of Computer Science and Mathematics recently announced that a minor in cybersecurity is available to students starting in the fall 2016 semester. The new minor helps individuals develop a core skill in cybersecurity and is appropriate for students majoring in computer science or information technology and systems who wish to get hands-on experience with modern hacking and penetration testing tools. The minor also provides necessary cybersecurity skills to students in related disciplines, such as criminal justice and pre-law.

Marist College Cybersecurity minorMinor in Cybersecurity Areas of Emphasis:

  • Framework and key concepts based on established cybersecurity certifications
  • Hands-on experience in cyber-defense tools and techniques
  • Security governance and ethics
  • Penetration testing of data center servers, storage, and networks
  • Implementing data confidentiality, integrity, and authentication 
  • Managing mobile device and wireless security

Requirements for a Minor is Cybersecurity:

  • CMPT 120 Introduction to Programming   ( 4 cr )
  • CMPT 306 Data Communication and Networks   ( 4 cr )
  • CMPT 307 Internetworking  ( 4 cr )
  • CMPT 394 Introduction to Cybersecurity   ( 4 cr )
  • CMPT 395 Hacking and Penetration Testing   ( 3 cr )
  • CMPT 396 Mobile Security   ( 4 cr )